We Need to Talk About Christmas 2021 (shop early & shop small)

It’s no secret that Christmas 2021 is still going to be affected by issues to do with the pandemic, along with ongoing global supply chain problems. Here’s some information to help you navigate it more smoothly (while also making a difference).

The two key recommendations I have for you are: shop early and shop small! Read on to get the lowdown.

(Ready to start thinking about your Christmas shopping? Check out our Christmas Guide, which contains a gift guide, handy festive articles and more!)

Shopping early

Shopping online for Christmas will again be a very good idea this year. We’ve been working even harder than usual to be ready for the busy season and we are well stocked with what we need to make, pack and post your orders. However, we can’t guarantee to keep all of our Australian jewellery in stock throughout the season.

In addition, delivery services in Australia and elsewhere are still under strain due to the pandemic, meaning Christmas orders may well be slower to arrive than normal.

The bottom line is:

If it’s crucial that you get the gifts you want in time for the big day … then it’s crucial that you shop early.

Christmas shipping

Australian orders:

Based on current Australia Post advice we suggest that you place orders by the following dates for pre-Christmas delivery in Australia:

  • SA: Parcel Post 9am, 17 December | Express Post 9am, 21 December
  • NSW: Parcel Post 9am, 15 December | Express Post 9am, 20 December
  • VIC: Parcel Post 9am, 15 December | Express Post 9am, 20 December
  • QLD: Parcel Post 9am, 14 December | Express Post 9am, 20 December
  • WA: Parcel Post 7am, 15 December | Express Post 7am, 17 December
  • TAS: Parcel Post 9am, 14 December | Express Post 9am, 20 December
  • ACT: Parcel Post 9am, 15 December | Express Post 9am, 20 December
  • NT: Parcel Post 9am, 10 December | Express Post 9am, 15 December

These dates may possibly change as the festive season progresses if there are any further issues with the pandemic. Visit our shipping page for up to date information.

We’ll continue packing and posting parcels as quickly as we can after these times and days, but the longer you wait to order, the less chance you have of your order arriving before the big day.

International orders:

If you’re sending gifts overseas then shopping early is even more critical. Our shipping page lists Australia Post’s current suggested cut offs for Christmas deliveries to major international destinations.

Sending gifts directly:

As ever we are more than happy to do this. You can include a personal note and opt to add a gift card and gift wrapping.

If you’d like us to add a note to the parcel asking that the recipient not open it until Christmas just let us know during checkout.

Supply chain issues

You may have heard in the news that there are global supply chain issues to do with the pandemic, climate change and other issues. You may also have noticed that it’s currently difficult to get some of your favourite products from major stores. This issue is likely to be ongoing for some time and it’s quite likely to affect your Christmas shopping.

We have been working hard and spending big to ensure we are well stocked in advance of the lead up to Christmas. We are hopeful that we have enough of the materials we need to make our designs, along with packaging materials to get your orders on their way. However, we may still encounter some issues along the way.

Once again, shopping early is your friend. But so is shopping small: smaller, local businesses are more likely to be able to keep items in stock for all sorts of reasons. So …

Shop small for Christmas

Please do consider doing as much of your Christmas shopping as you can with Australian small businesses this year: not just Simone Walsh Jewellery, but with all sorts of little businesses.

Many small businesses (ours included) make the bulk of their income over the festive season. And by shopping with small businesses you’re supporting real people and families: not shareholders and billionaires.

Also I have a (pipe?) dream that one of the legacies of the pandemic will be people being happy to shop more with small businesses, as they find that they love getting more personalised service and making more unique purchases. It has the potential to be a game changer for all of us with lots of benefits.

Here’s a handy blog post on why shopping small is such a great idea (and I’ve shared just a few of my own favourite small design businesses there too). Looking for more suggestions? Check who I follow on Instagram.

If you’re ready to start your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to check out our Christmas Guide, with a gift guide, handy festive articles and more.

Sharing small

While you’re at it, don’t forget to share the small businesses you’ve found with friends, family, colleagues and on social media and elsewhere – it truly does help enormously to spread the word.

Make it a special Christmas

If you’re planning an intimate Christmas with family and friends, don’t forget some of the lovely traditions that you can incorporate to make it more special.

I’ve just finished putting together a mountain of our beautiful Christmas pudding coins which will add a fun and special touch to your Christmas meal.

Also check out my family’s quick and easy Christmas pudding recipe.

Stay safe and well this Christmas!

Christmas Shopping Info for 2021

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