12 Jewelry Blogs & Resources You Need to Know About


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Here is a list of inspirational and informative jewelry blogs to follow. Whether you are a designer, bench jeweler, retail gallery, or manufacturer, some of these bloggers will resonate with you.

We selected these blogs based on the following criteria – to be on this list, they should meet at least one of the below criteria.

  • 50,000+ followers on any of their social networks
  • 50,000+ traffic per month as estimated by SimilarWeb.com
  • A deep and credible background in the jewelry world

If you don’t see your favorite bloggers on the list, comment and let us know which ones we are missing…

Jewelry Blogs

1. Liza Urla – Gemologue

Gemologue is the one of the most visited jewelry blogs in the world. Liza blogs about her jewelry finds around the world and covers trends across fine, fashion and vintage jewelry. This image featured here went viral – she attended London Fashion Week with her face covered her face in pearls!

In the ‘Gem Talks’ section on her site, she interviews jewelry designers and others in the fashion world. Great blog to get inspiration and stay in touch with jewelry trends. Liza studied Gemology in New York and is currently based in London. Follow her blog on Instagram.

2. Daniele Miele – Gem Gossip

Jewelry Bloggers to Follow

If you want to learn + know what is happening in the jewelry world, then Gem Gossip is the blog is for you. Daniele covers a LOT! If you look at the categories on her blog, you’ll see that she covers jewelry schools to shows to designers and a whole lot more.

Daniele is a graduate gemologist from the GIA and spent several years experience working at an antique jewelry store. She is now a full time writer and consultant. Follow her blog on Instagram.

3. Becky Stone – Diamonds in the Library

Top Jewelry Blogs

This jewelry blog is literally a library. Becky went through a complete career change – from writing for the government to becoming a full time jewelry blogger. She covers a myriad of subjects for designers and stores. From business topics like how to pack your jewelry to store profiles to trends and interviews with designers, Becky covers a lot of ground.

Check out the section of her site called ‘Pretty Shiny Things’ where she features some beautiful designs. Follow her on Instagram.

4. Alice Matsumoto – The Carrotbox Blog

Creative Ring Blog

Alice only covers rings – talk about a micro niche blog! She features creative ring designs from designers around the world. This is a great site to follow for design inspiration. She also sells metal-free rings in her store. Very different feel from the other blogs featured here. Must scroll through this site! Her archives go back to 2003!

5. Cathleen McCarthy – The Jewelry Loupe

Jewelry Blogs - Cathleen
Cathleen has been writing for jewelry magazines for over two decades. Her blog features unique jewelry designs that lean toward artistic and one-of-a-kind pieces that she finds at auction houses.

Her site is also a great resource for jewelry makers – she has an ‘Ask an Expert’ section where she has tons of how-to content across several jewelry focused topics from design to marketing. Follow her blog on Facebook.

Here is a recent post where she features some stunning jewelry finds from the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Show.

6. Cheryl Kremkow – Gem Obsessed

Cheryl's gem blog

This blog focuses on trends and celebrity jewelry. Cheryl has a strong background in developing jewelry related content – she has been covering jewelry for 25+ years and was editor-in-chief of jewelry magazines such as Modern Jewelry and Lustre. She currently runs a media company where she works with corporate clients to develop their content strategy.

Follow her blog on Instagram and check out her recent post on jewelry from the TEFAF show in New York where she features pieces with bold colors and incredible design details.

7. Monica Stephenson – iDazzle

Celebrity Jewelry Blogger

Monica loves gemstones. As she says on her blog “I love delving into the true inspiration of emerging and established artists who use precious metals and gems as their medium”. This blog has a wide variety of topics from designer profiles to celebrity jewelry to gift ideas. Her impressive qualifications include being the editor at the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, having worked in several high-end jewelry stores and has a degree from the GIA.

Here is a recent post on her blog about a sustainable jewelry line made from tagua seeds. Follow her on Twitter.

8. Rio Grande Blog

Rio Jewelry Blog

Rio Grande is a wholesale jewelry supplier. Their blog is written to support their makers learn new skills and grow their businesses. Different writers write across several topics on the blog.

This blog has a huge archive of content. The Business Know-How section discusses topics such as how to design a jewelry line, wholesaling, pricing, trade show tips and a lot more while the Design & Inspiration section covers jewelry designers and their stories. They also have a Tools & Techniques section which is filled with how-to’s on different jewelry making techniques. Overall, a fantastic blog with a lot of information.

Other Jewelry Sites & Resources

9. Ganoksin

Ganoksin has been around for over twenty years. They are a jewelry making resource with tons of tutorials and how-to’s. They are a membership site with pricing from $4/mo to $20/mo.

Membership includes access to tutorials and also their popular forum for jewelers where you can ask questions and interact with other jewelers. This is the forum to go to if you have questions about setting, casting, sales policies, pricing…anything jewelry related.

10. Jewelers Helping Jewelers

This is along the same lines as Ganoksin, but it is a jewelry group on Facebook. Ask questions and other jewelers will help you. You need to be a member of the group to participate.

11. Jeweler Profit

The design of this site needs a lot of work but….David is the go-to source for all matters pricing. If you’re a designer looking for a systematic way to price your jewelry, take a look at David’s book – “Geller’s Blue Book”. He also sends out newsletters to help you make the most of your sales and income. David is a 14th generation jeweler – wow!.

12. Aspiring Metalsmiths

As they say on their Facebook page, “This is a friendly and supportive place to talk metal, share business and technical advice, show off your work, and have fun. Anybody with an interest in any type of metalwork can join and participate.” As with Jewelers Helping Jewelers you must be a member of the group.

We hope you found some sites here that you hadn’t heard of before. If you’re looking for more maker sites, take a look at our jewelry making classes post.

Which awesome blogs are we missing? Leave a comment or submit your site here


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