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Read this before you go maang tikka shopping!

Every bride has a different vision for her bridal hairdo but the focal point of every look is the hair jewellery piece. From maang tikkas to jhoomars, the markets are flooded with stunning hair accessories that really define the look of a bride. We don’t have to tell you that this one’s an important decision – this is an accessory that’ll be highlighted in every picture and every pose. Like every important decision, there’s a science behind this.

As bridal makeup artists, Aakriti Kochar and Sohni Juneja work with brides of different face shapes and preferences. Refer to their guidebook and pick the right hair jewellery for your face type to get that dream Sabyasachi bride look.

For Brides With a Square Face

The closest celebrity match for this face cut is pout queen Kareena Kapoor Khan. As Sohni explains, “The defining factors for this face shape are a strong jawline and cheekbones. Opt for an asymmetrical Maang tikka or matha patti with hair parted to one side. Passas are also a great option for this face cut.” While Aakriti recommends the Rajasthani Borla. “Borlas are a hot favourite for pre-wedding events and its round shape suits the square faced bride well, majorly because it doesn’t take too much forehead space.”

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Photo Courtesy: 1plus1studio

For Brides With a Round Face

Like Sonakshi Sinha, brides with a round face should stay from all kinds of Maatha pattis. As Aakriti explains, “Every Sabyasachi follower loves the maatha patti but unfortunately, this hot accessory is a complete mismatch for brides with a round face. The band cuts the length of the face and makes it look even rounder. Consider opting for a side-swept hairstyle and a Jhoomar/Paasa for the royal look. You can even pick a diamond-shaped Maang tikka to make your face look longer.” Sohni recommends smaller, pulled back Maang tikkas, with elegant trinkets and Rajasthani Borlas instead.

Image Courtesy: Through The Barrel

Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Story

For Brides With an Oblong Face

If you have a long and narrow face like Katrina Kaif, consider adding width to your face type by using a chunky and broad maatha patti. You’re the lucky ones in this category as you are free to experiment with different kinds of styles. Remember to focus on adding width instead of length.

Image Courtesy: The Story Weavers

Photo Courtesy: Morvi Images

Photo Courtesy: Morvi Images

For Brides With a Heart-Shaped Face

Your celebrity equivalent is the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, who has sported stunning hair jewellery pieces in most of our traditional appearances. The identification elements are a pointed chin, wide cheeks and narrow forehead. Sohni and Aakriti suggest opting for elegant and delicate Maang tikkas and Maatha pattis with smaller dangling elements. A delicate Jhoomar is a great option for this face type too.

Image Courtesy: Through The Barrel

For Brides With a Diamond Face

Remember Malaika Arora Khan’s iconic Chaiya Chaiya Borla? That’s your celeb inspiration. For this face type, Sohni recommends opting for delicate statement pieces instead of chunky accessories “Your best features are your perfect cheekbones. Stick to a side Jhoomar or a Paasa instead of a big Maang tikka that’ll take away from your perfectly highlighted cheeks.” Similarly, Aakriti recommends a delicate Maang tikka for brides with a diamond face cut

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

For Brides With an Oval Face

Like Sonam Kapoor, your oval face is perfect for all kinds of hair accessories. So, Sabyasachi lovers can opt for the royal Maatha patti while Maang tikka fans can opt for tikkas in asymmetrical shapes. Paasas and Jhoomars are an option too. You can also opt for the trending sleek buns and let your accessories shine instead.

Image Courtesy: Aakriti Kochar

Photo Courtesy: Fotowalle

Found your fit? It’s time now to head shopping for the hair accessory that’ll give you that much-loved top shot!

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